Benefits of membership

We work with our members and clients to help them build 'disability confidence', enabling them to recruit from the entire talent pool and meet the needs of customers with disability.

With one in five Australians experiencing some type of disability, being able to proactively, effectively and confidently include this segment of the community achieves tangible business benefits as well as providing people with disability the opportunity to participate fully in our society. The result is mutually beneficial.

Increasingly, ensuring equitable inclusion of people with disability is considered a business improvement strategy.

All members receive:

  • Inclusion in the member directory on our website, with links to your website
  • Informative monthly e-newsletters
  • Discounted member rates for programs, training, publications and consultancy services

We assist our members to:

  • Articulate their specific business case for inclusion of people with disability
  • Link disability strategies to Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Build 'disability confidence'
  • Identify barriers to customers and employees with disability
  • Break down stereotypes and prejudices
  • Recruit from the entire talent pool
  • Be diversity leaders

We do this through:

  • Audit and review services to ensure 'barrier free' systems to people with disability
  • Consultancy and tailored member services
  • Informative seminars and networking events
  • Programs – internships and mentoring
  • Publications
    • Managers' guide: disability in the workplace
    • Welcoming Customers with Disability
    • Beyond Recruitment: A Guide to Developing & Retaining People with Disability in your Organisation
  • Training modules – HR Essentials, Disability Awareness, Mental Health and Workforce Wellbeing, Customer Service
  • Providing accurate and timely information. 

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