Building disability confident recruiters – overview for members

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) member organisations continue to improve their recruitment and selection processes, onboarding and retention strategies in an attempt to attract and retain talent from diverse groups. Organisations look to external partners to source talent and rely on those partners to identity the skills and attributes required. If those recruitment partners have unintended barriers to the recruitment cycle, they will not be representing talent from all diverse groups and the efforts our members make to attract talent will be diluted.

AND is looking to work with the recruitment industry to give recruitment companies the skills and tools to become disability confident. AND recognises the key role recruitment companies play within the employment cycle, connecting skilled individuals to organisations. We also recognize that if barriers exist throughout the recruitment process, people with disability will not have the opportunity be referred to employers.

We understand that recruitment companies want to supply skilled applicants from diverse groups. This has been evident in our discussions with several recruiters; however most organisations are currently not aware of how to make the linkage between attracting skills and making adjustments for people with disability. This may inadvertently lead to unfair treatment and discrimination.

We are seeking your input, guidance and support as an AND member to encourage change throughout the recruitment process from external recruiters through to your organisation’s hiring managers. 

AND member commitment:

  • Members to have input / provide feedback on the design of the ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’ program
  • Review sourcing policy and give preference to ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’companies

AND members reach concensus on the skills and processes that constitute equitable recruitment practices for people with disability:

  • Recruitment companies undertake a program to develop their disability confidence and achieve the ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’ logo
  • AND to administer the program and charge a joining fee
  • Annual accreditation which will incur an annual fee

To become a ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’, AND will guide recruitment companies to:

  • remove unintended barriers to the recruitment and selection process
  • test the accessibility of their website
  • follow the Disability Confident Recruiter charter
  • train their recruitment consultants and staff in disability confidence via an eLearn.

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For more information about the Disability Confident Recruiter program please contact Samantha Dancey and Emily Sparling by email at or by phone on (02) 8270 9200.