PACE Mentoring

Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE)

  • Are you a student or jobseeker with disability and want some guidance on the best way to develop your career path?
  • Are you looking to advance your career opportunities?
  • Are you interested in sharing your own personal career experience with others, while increasing your understanding of diversity in the workplace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then participating in PACE Mentoring could be the experience you're looking for.

PACE is the Australian Network on Disability's (AND) vibrant and dynamic mentoring program developed to assist our member organisations to engage with students and jobseekers with disability.

For mentors, PACE provides managers and people leaders with the chance to share experiences and knowledge, and develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, while increasing their understanding of the potential of people with disability.

For mentees, PACE offers students and jobseekers with disability the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in a workplace setting, which can assist them in planning their career journey, as well as aiding their personal and professional development. PACE recognises that job seekers with disability frequently find themselves with little or no work experience, and may not be fully aware of the skills and attributes they can offer an organisation. This can add to the difficulties that job seekers may encounter as they try to enter their chosen career. PACE aims to assist mentees to become 'job-ready' and reduce some of these hurdles.

PACE is generously sponsored by our Principal Sponsor ANZ.

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Why get involved?

PACE is equally beneficial to mentees, mentors and participating organisations. It is an opportunity to learn new perspectives and approaches, while breaking down many of the myths and stereotypes that are often associated with people with disability in the workplace.

  • Participating organisations will benefit by increasing disability confidence, workplace morale and motivation of staff, and raising awareness of the potential of people with disability as employees.
  • Mentors will enhance skills such as managing diversity, coaching and listening, that are transferable to the working environment.
  • Mentees benefit from accessing the mentor’s accumulated knowledge and expertise, and being guided in their professional development and goal setting.

To learn about potential impacts of mentoring, read our case studies.

“Being able to positively impact the career opportunities of job seekers and students with disability has been a fantastic experience. Watching the confidence of my mentees grow has been incredibly rewarding and I would recommend the program to anyone”.
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