Information for Employers

Stepping Into intern chatting with his supervisor

Stepping Into is a national initiative for employers which introduces skilled and talented university students with disability to your organisation. 

Launched in 2005, Stepping Into is a talent pipeline that actively builds diversity and inclusion within your organisation. Independent studies demonstrate that people with disability have a positive work attitude and work ethos.

Managers and supervisors involved in the program are often impressed by the calibre of the students and tell us that the program inspires and influences an inclusive workplace culture. 

By building relationships with talented candidates with disability, you will discover there is a good business case for workplace inclusion. Engaging with Stepping into is a simple process, with student attraction, eligibility, student and workplace briefings as well as the evaluation process all being expertly handled by the Australian Network on Disability (AND).

Tertiary students with disability find it more difficult to secure employment opportunities than students without disability. This program provides the opportunity for practical work experience for talented students with disability who may otherwise face significant barriers to finding employment.

How the program works

  • Stepping Into runs for a minimum of four weeks in the university summer or winter semester breaks.
  • Placements are for a minimum 152 hours. These hours can be worked consecutively over four weeks, or can be worked flexibly across a semester concurrent with studies. The attendance format is negotiated between your selected student and the supervisor.
  • Stepping Into can be hosted at your head office, regional office, or any other location that provides opportunities for a student (under guidance) to experience a range of tasks and project challenges, commensurate with their study and interests.
  • Each candidate’s eligibility for the Stepping Into program has been verified. AND will provide guidance on adjustments that will facilitate successful business outcomes. AND does not disclose the nature of the student's disability.

Download our Stepping Into for Members brochure here.

We invite members to participate in the upcoming winter Stepping Into internship program, with placements to commence in July 2017. To register your interest, please contact Program Manager Stephanie Littlewood, on 02 8270 9240 or before 31 January.