Getting accurate disability information for your workforce – why and how?

Mon 22 January 2018

Do you have disability information on your workforce? Can you be confident it’s accurate?

With 10% of the Australian workforce made up of people with disability, it’s likely to be present in your workplace – but that’s not to say you’d know when it is. Even for those employers who are confident enough to ask, many disabilities are invisible and there’s often a reluctance to share information.

So, why do you need to know?

Having accurate information on disability in your workforce is important so you can:

  • Organise any workplace adjustments employees need to stay healthy, supported and productive
  • Avoid complaints about possible breaches of discrimination law
  • Measure your diversity progress over time - increasing the number of employees with disability increases your chances of attracting the widest talent pool

How can you get accurate information?

Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information HTML cover

The Sharing and monitoring disability information in your workforce: A guide for Employers is a comprehensive, easy to read guide developed in consultation with the Australian Human Rights Commission, designed specifically to assist you in seeking information from your employees while complying with the Disability Discrimination Act. And it’s free.

The guide covers:

  1. Why you should ask – how having information helps you support your employees to perform at their best
  2. What gets in the way and what helps – the impact workplace culture has on confidence to share information
  3. Before you ask – building trust through an open and inclusive workplace
  4. When to ask –  when employees first start with you, then checking in with all staff from time to time
  5. What to ask – read example CEO messages and questions from workplace surveys
  6. What not to ask – how to keep it relevant and respectful
  7. Meeting your legal obligations – understand your obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act

Some employers feel uncomfortable asking people about their disability status, perhaps they’re concerned they’ll appear discriminatory, are invading privacy or maybe they simply don’t know how to ask. This guide will give you the confidence to seek the information you need to improve your workplace for all employees.

How can you get your copy?

The Sharing and monitoring disability information in your workforce: A guide for Employers is FREE and can be accessed via the Sharing and monitoring microsite,  Sharing and Monitoring PDF or printed booklet (postage fees apply)

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