Member feedback outcomes

Wed 28 March 2018

Late last year, we sought feedback from our members about their membership experiences and outcomes. It’s this feedback that will inform and drive our strategy moving forwards.

Here’s what we found out.

What we should keep doing

Areas of greatest need

  • Advice and information
  • Building competence and capability
  • Communications (internal and external) and storytelling
  • Recruitment frameworks
  • Sourcing talent

Where to from here?

There’s already a strong connection between our members’ needs and the solutions we offer. Our aim is to build on this connection and make it easier for our members to achieve their access and inclusion goals in partnership with us.

The feedback helps direct our future focus areas, which will be:

  1. The value of the Network and access to expertise
  2. Building disability confidence
    • Make it easy for our members to build their capability
    • Support members to connect with others
    • Assist members to check they are getting inclusion right
  3. Increase engagement, influence and reach with Senior Leaders and Champions
  4. Provide tools, programs and support for recruitment and sourcing talent

Thank you to all our members that contributed via the online survey and co-design workshops. It’s your valuable feedback that will make our network even stronger, and ultimately shape the future for people with disability.

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