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Wed 30 May 2018

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Earlier this month, we gathered loads of accessibility resources from some of Australia’s leading accessibility consultancies. Designed to be used and shared in recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we hope they helped to get you talking, thinking and learning about online access and inclusion.

In this second instalment, we’ve gone global! Here’s a roundup of some of the most exciting and widely-shared accessibility resources to come out of GAAD.

AccessAbilities Podcast: GAAD with founders Joe Devon and Jennison Asuncion

First off, hear it from the founders. Discover what prompted GAAD’s founders Joe and Jennison to become interested in accessible IT, how an accidental tweet led to their meeting and how a whole event grew from a simple blog post. 

Listen to the GAAD founders interview.

Microsoft’s short film: Empower every person: reimagining accessibility

Microsoft marked GAAD 2018 by releasing a short film called Empower every person: reimagining accessibility. It introduces best practices to build more modern and inclusive workplace environments and how accessible-by-design technologies empower every person to create, communicate and collaborate.

Watch Empower every person: reimagining accessibility.

BBC Access All Areas

In the UK, the BBC ran an all-day online event streaming live from two of its centres to showcase the latest assistive technology innovations and inclusive BBC output. Sessions were based around workplace diversity, TV production, inspiring the next generation, inclusive design and new technology.

Check out the ‘Related to this event’ links to access some great resources including the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines, BBC Gel (How to design for accessibility), information on BBC subtitling and their Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Visit the BBC Access All Areas webpage.

IBM free accessibility tools and technology pay it forward

In recognition of GAAD, IBM showed us some of its innovative tools and technologies such as the Mobile Accommodation Solution (MAS), the Verified Accessibility Samples (Va11ys) on GitHub and the Dynamic Accessibility Plug-in (DAP), all of which can be used by the community at large for free.

Find out about IBM’s free accessibility tools.

Google launches new suite of resources

Google used GAAD to launch a new suite of resources to help creators, marketers, and designers build more inclusive products and designs. The Google Primer app includes lessons that help you better understand accessibility and practical tips to start making your own business, products and designs more accessible. The Google Accessibility page includes free tools that can help you make your site or app more accessible for more people. And the Android Developers site also contains a wide range of suggestions to help you improve the accessibility of your app.

Find out about Google’s new suite of resources.

A whole-of-business approach to access and inclusion

ICT accessibility is one of ten key areas determined to drive the greatest benefits for inclusion of people with disability. The Australian Network on Disability’s (AND) Access and Inclusion Index is an invaluable tool for Australian organisations looking to improve access and inclusion across their entire business.

Find out more about AND's Access and Inclusion Index.

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