Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all

Thu 6 February 2020

Person with headphones on using his laptop with braille display

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative has released an online training course designed to provide organisations and individuals with a strong foundation in digital accessibility.

Designed for both technical and non-technical audiences, this course explores how to make websites and apps work well for people with disability, meet international standards, and enhance the user experience for all web users. 

Web accessibility is about removing barriers so that people with disability can use and contribute to the web. W3C's online training course provides a deep understanding into how accessibility is more than just compliance; it explores how accessibility is related to user experience, usability, and user-centred design, which is delivered in these 5 modules:

Module 1: What is Web Accessibility

  • Introduces the broad scope of digital accessibility through real stories of people with disability
  • Examples of how accessibility impacts the lives of those interacting in the digital world

Module 2: People and Digital Technology

  • Explores how people with different disabilities use various assistive technologies and adaptive strategies
  • Introduces accessibility barriers and solutions
  • Explores how design decisions impact interactions
  • Explains the essential components of web accessibility

Module 3: Business Case and Benefits

  • Presents direct and indirect return of investment and the organisational business case
  • Explains the broader benefits for everyone, with or without disability

Module 4: Principles, Standards, and Checks

  • Covers international accessibility standards
  • Explains the four guiding principles of web accessibility
  • Guides through first steps in checking accessibility and applications

Module 5: Getting Started with Accessibility

  • Explains approaches for integrating accessibility into your design and development processes
  • Provides tips to get started with accessibility right away

For more information or to complete this course, visit W3C’s free online training course: Introduction to Web Accessibility. Please note you have 4 weeks of free access to this training course from when you enrol.

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