UK Business Disability Forum publishes findings on Global Disability Inclusion Strategies

Tue 18 August 2020

The Business Disability Forum in partnership with Shell, studied how organisations are meeting the needs of people with disability at global and local levels. Over 100 global brands share their disability inclusion strategies and practices in this paper ‘Towards a disability-smart world: Developing a global disability inclusion strategy’.

Some key findings include: 

  • More than 80% of respondents reported that inclusion of people with disability enables their organisation to access a wider pool of talent, drives employee motivation, positively impacts sales and opportunities and supports their business objectives. 
  • 91% agreed that identifying a senior global disability champion as early as possible was essential to the success of their global disability inclusion programme. 
  • Over 80% of respondents say that their organisation had made one or more commitments to inclusion of people with disability at a central level, however only about 20% of respondents had developed and resourced a global strategy. 

The following insights are offered for organisations looking to develop their own global strategy on inclusion of people with disability: 

  • Don’t underestimate the complexity of a global strategy and how long it might take. Focus on intentions, rather than perfection. 
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. Start small, by focusing on one or two activities and locations. Gather evidence and then scale up. 
  • Engage business leaders and people with disability at regional and local levels to gather insights and inform global strategy. Working collaboratively will empower colleagues to interpret and execute global commitments to disability in ways that are culturally and legally appropriate for their country. 
  • Identify a senior global disability inclusion champion, early on, to drive forward the strategy. 
  • Engage key departments of the organisation. Disability impacts every area of the organisation. Bring together colleagues with key responsibility for strategic functions across Human Resources, Recruitment, The Built Environment and Technology. 


Contact your Relationship Manager or email to learn more about creating an inclusion strategy in your organisation.

Read the full study ‘Towards a disability-smart world: Developing a global disability inclusion strategy’.

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