How AND members celebrated International Day of People with Disability

Fri 11 December 2020

The contributions, and voices of people with disability, were heard nation-wide on International Day of People with Disability (IPDwD). Our members came together, shared stories, advanced commitments and learnt from each other through meaningful activities and events.  

Sharing stories  

“Just because you can’t see my disability doesn’t mean it isn’t real” 

AND Gold member Telstra released a video about what their employees living with disability want people to know, talking to the theme ‘not all disabilities are visible’, as part of the way they celebrated IDPwD. Watch Telstra’s video ‘What our people with disability want you to know’ 

Paused video of a woman speaking

Image: Telstra’s video ‘What our people with disability want you to know’. 

Connecting through events  

We saw many of our members uniting their employees in celebration and conversation through virtual events and panel discussions.   

Organisations such as Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Jacobs Group, and KPMG invited employees with disability to share their stories and insights of living with disability. This was a great way to raise awareness and understanding of disability and shed light on the theme ‘not all disabilities are visible’