The Butterfly Effect

Wed 20 January 2021

White butterfly on an orange background

Image: Butterfly

I am a firm believer in the butterfly effect. A butterfly fapping its wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.  

When my disability hit at its peak, everything collapsed.  

I felt like I had to rebuild my life from scratch. From the basic building blocks. 

I was worried about my future... about my career direction..whether I would be able to find a role after graduation... about the impact that my condition would have on me. As I began to recover, I felt lost.  

I’d heard about Stepping Into but for some reason it took me 8 months to finally apply… it was for the Winter 2020 program. I remember thinking: ‘Wow. This is perfect. If I get this, it will be the dream!’  

When COVID hit, I decided to apply anyways, having the expectation that it may not be able to run. One day I received an email. Not only had the program not been cancelled but I was shortlisted.  

I was elated! And I did a proud victory dance.  

I then spent many weeks researching and preparing for the interview.  

I wanted to nail it. I wanted it so bad.  

When my supervisor called telling me I had been successful…  

I was… speechless.  

And yes.  

I did another victory dance.  

Stepping Into was an experience I’m bound to remember for the rest of my life… I had the most accommodating, encouraging and lovely supervisor. I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of my dream job. I had the most spectacular team to work with.

Sponsoring an intern like me will have an enormous impact. If you’re considering being an employer for the Stepping Into program, I strongly encourage you to. It only takes one butterfly 

Thanks to the Stepping Into intern who wrote to us about her experience of the program. 

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