Attitudes are a barrier to inclusion: but we can provide solutions

Thu 14 October 2021

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Employer's choice?

20% of Australians agree that employers should be allowed to refuse to hire people with disability.

Common misconceptions and stereotypes might be responsible for that sentiment. With many people being unaware of the business benefits. Australians may believe:

  • it’s expensive to hire people with disability
  • people with disability are less productive
  • people with disability take more sick days

But at Australian Network on Disability, we know that through building disability confidence, we can change attitudes.

We're proud to say that we’re dispelling these misconceptions with our 360-strong member network leading the way.

Our network includes a range of organisations from different industries and locations. Despite the differences, our members have one goal in common.

Disability inclusion is firmly on the agenda.

Through engaging with our programs, services and products, our network build their disability confidence skills. Our members are creating a workplace environment that supports people with disability. And they create an environment that welcomes customers with disability.

Currently, 54% of Australians agree that employers should not be allowed to refuse to hire people with disability.

And while we still have ways to go to broaden that number, our network is pioneering the attitude change. 

Is your workplace inclusive of people with disability?

42% of Australians believe that workplaces are accepting of people with disability.

This indicates that there are still ways to go to create inclusive culture in workplaces.

We can build up inclusion through education and awareness about disability. We can highlight business benefits of employing people with disability. And we can build up disability confidence.

We can change statistics like the one below.

"78% of Australians agree that people are unsure of how to act towards people with disability."

As a member of AND, you are already part of this change.

How can your organisation provide further education and awareness?

If you are not a member of AND, become a member today.

Change attitudes. Remove barriers.

Read the full report

Find the full report 'Attitudes Matter: Findings from a national survey of community attitudes towards people with disability in Australia'.

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