Become a Disability-Confident Recruiter

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Did you know that we can endorse your organisation as being a Disability-Confident Recruiter? This is a status you can achieve by removing the barriers in your workplace to people with disability. Recruitment and procurement are particular areas where we usually find these barriers and there are many benefits to removing them.


Barriers? What barriers?

You may not even know that your workplace or the recruiters you engage have these barriers, or what they are, and this is why our Disability Confidence Recruiter program is a good place to start. It will tell you what you need to do to achieve this status. You may be surprised at how easy it is to achieve.


Gain recognition and lead change

By signing our charter, you appear on our website as a Disability-Confident Recruiter committed to removing barriers to recruitment and selection. If our review shows that your workplace, your recruiters and your processes are free from barriers to people with disability, we can issue you with our endorsement.

Gain recognition as one of an elite group of Australian organisations who have seen the benefits of being disability confident, and taken the necessary steps to achieve it. These organisations are making a genuine impact for change on their suppliers, by making accessibility a key element of procurement.

Contact us to find out how to become a Disability-Confident Recruiter.

See how RMIT became the first Australian university to achieve DCR status.

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