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Measure how inclusive and accessible your organisation is

A key part of any plan to change is knowing whether or not you’re achieving the goals you set yourself. To make this easy, we’ve developed the Access and Inclusion Index, a simple tool for assessing your progress.

See where you stand

Using our Access and Inclusion Index you can understand and measure your state of maturity in disability confidence across ten key business areas. As a member, you can submit your self-assessment results to us, and we’ll benchmark you against our other member organisations who’ve completed the index.

We do our benchmarking in strictest confidence, and we only compare your results against anonymised data. So while you won’t know other organisations score, you can see where you rank by comparison.

Try it for free right now

Try our Access and Inclusion Index Quick 10 right now – you don’t need to be a member. Of course, if you become a member we’ll give you a much more detailed understanding of what your result really means and what to do about it.

The Access and Inclusion Index Quick 10 is a great first step to understanding the terminology that describes the issues of inclusivity and accessibility. It will help you start speaking the same language as our other member organisations.

Find out how Arup and the NSW Department of Customer service use the Access and Inclusion Index.

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Measure and celebrate progress

Our Access and Inclusion Index tells you where you are, and this is an important first step to getting where you want to be. But once you see how you compare with others, we’re pretty confident that you’ll want to make some improvements.

Review and roadmap

To do this, we review a Comprehensive Self-Assessment of your workplace. From this assessment you can choose to receive either an Accelerator Report outlining your main opportunities, or a Comprehensive Roadmap with clear destinations, and practical recommendations to help you reach them.

We’ve worked closely with many members across lots of industries to develop this program, and we can identify changes that will bring rapid results. The participants included:

  • NSW Department of Family and Community Services
  • National Disability Insurance Agency
  • Department of Defence
  • IBM
  • Westpac Group.

One step at a time

Making your organisation disability-confident isn’t a huge and intimidating transformation program. Rather, it’s a series of incremental changes to behaviours, environments and ways of working that generate big changes over time.

A roadmap implies a journey, and that’s what you’ll be embarking on when you become a member. But you won’t be alone, some of Australia’s most successful organisations have trodden this path before you, and they’re here to give you a guiding hand whenever you need one.

If you’re a member, talk to your relationship manager about booking an assessment. If you’re not a member yet, sign up

Support for completing the self assessment

If you are already undergoing the Access and Inclusion Index and require some support, please review the comprehensive how-to guide on completing the Access and Inclusion Index self assessment below (member log in required)

Access and Inclusion Benchmark report

Each year we publish the aggregated findings for the data collected via all organisations who submit to Australian Network on Disability.  See which organisations are the top performers, as well as the trends in Australia.

Access and Inclusion Benchmark Report 2020-21 (PDF)

Access and Inclusion Benchmark Report 2020-21 (Word)

See our top performers in accessibility and inclusion.

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