eLearns for Disability Confident Organisations

About our eLearns

Our eLearns are the perfect way to learn to become disability confident and embed the skills you need to support people with disability across your business.

Our e-learn modules are jampacked with engaging content and interactive videos that provide you with information, test your knowledge and upskill you to support your employees and your customers with disability.

The modules are divided into four bundles, each tailored to a different area of your business.

We have content to help you build the disability confidence of:

Foundational modules for your general workforce

Our Disability Confident Workforces bundle contains modules that benefit staff members across different levels of your business. These are our foundational modules that introduce what it means to be accessible to people with disability, how increasing your disability confidence is good for your business, inclusive communication, and how to create an enabling environment.

This bundle contains four modules, that provide information about disability and accessibility, the business case for organisations becoming disability confident and how to create and promote an inclusive and enabling business environment.

It is important for all participants to start off with and complete this bundle.

Content for recruiters and HR professionals

The Disability Confident Recruitment bundle helps to identify and remove common barriers faced by people with disability through the recruitment process. These modules will give recruiters and HR professionals the confidence to recruit from the entire talent pool.

This bundle contains three modules that cover inclusive recruitment, workplace adjustments, and having disability confident conversations. These topics areas are crucial to ensure that your recruitment process is inclusive to people with disabilities.

Build disability confidence for managers and emerging leaders

The Disability Confident Management bundle contains three modules that are perfect for people managers or emerging leaders.

You will learn about workplace adjustments and how they help remove barriers during the recruitment process, how to hold productive conversations with confidence and how to guide employees through the key phases of the employment lifecycle so that every individual feels supported and has an equitable opportunity to develop a fulfilling career.

Provide an inclusive and accessible customer experience

Our Inclusive Customer Experience bundle will support you to provide an accessible and inclusive experience to all your customers. This comprehensive bundle covers topics around the customer experience journey, your disability confidence when dealing with customers, and what it means to provide a customer-inclusive experience.

This bundle contains three modules. You will learn about disability-confident customer experiences, including the benefits and barriers that can impact purchasing and customer service for people with disability. You’ll also learn about how to guide employees through the key phases of the employment lifecycle and how to overcome barries during these phases.

How to access your eLearns

There are two ways you can purchase and access your eLearn modules:

Purchase source files for your own learning platform (SCORM files)

This is an option to purchase the source files and load them onto your own learning platform. You also manage who has access to which sections of training internally.

This is a more efficient approach for large organisations that already have the capability to host the files.

Purchase a license to access via our platform

You can access the e-Learns on our hosting platform with individual logins for people in your business.

This is the best option if you are a small organisation and /or not wanting to manage the technology.

The costs are based on a per person usage and provide access for 12 months from purchase.

Ready to start the journey?

Download the eLearn Price Guide Accessible PDF or eLearn Price Guide Accessible Word for more information on pricing.

To purchase our eLearns for Disability Confident Organisations, contact your Relationship Manager directly, or get in touch with us:
Email: info@and.org.au
Phone:(02) 8270 9200