eLearns for Disability Confident Organisations

Our eLearns are the perfect way to learn to become disability confident and embed
the skills you need to support people with disability across your business, from Disability Confident Workforces, through management and recruitment practices, through to supporting customers with disability.

There are 11 Modules, which we have broken down into four sets based on different content and areas of your business

Disability Confident Workforces

These are our foundational modules. They are about introducing disability and what
it means to be accessible and inclusive. These modules are the stepping stones
towards becoming Disability Confident. Contains modules 1 through 4.

Disability Confident Recruitment

Building on knowledge already gained in the Workforces module, Disability
Confident Recruitment helps to identify and remove common barriers people with
disability face through the recruitment process, giving your team the confidence to
recruit from the entire talent pool. Contains modules 5 through 7.

Disability Confident Management

These modules are perfect for people managers or emerging leaders. Learn
about workplace adjustments, how to address concerns, and act inclusively when
managing with a person with disability. Feel empowered to support individuals in
your team to have equitable opportunities and develop a fulfilling career. Contains
modules 6 through 8.

Inclusive Customer Experiences

It’s important to provide an inclusive and accessible experience for all customer
interactions. Learn the benefits and barriers that can impact purchasing and
customer service for people with disability. Contains modules 9 through 11.

How to purchase

There are two ways you can access our eLearns depending on your organisations

SCORM files

This is an option to purchase the source files and load them onto your own learning
platform. You also manage who has access to which sections of training internally.
This is a more efficient approach for large organisations who already have the
capability to host the files.

Individual logins

Access the eLearns on our hosting platform with individual logins for people in your
business. This is the best option if you are a small organisation and /or not wanting
to manage the technology. The costs are based on a per person usage, and provide
access for 12 months from purchase.

Ready to start the journey?

Download the eLearn Price Guide Accessible PDF or eLearn Price Guide Accessible Word for more information on pricing.

To purchase our eLearns for Disability Confident Organisations, contact your Relationship Manager directly, or get in touch with us:
Email: info@and.org.au
Phone:(02) 8270 9200