National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia

The Library was established under the National Library Act (1960), which defines the Library's role, corporate governance and financial management framework. As a statutory authority within the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport portfolio the Library is also subject to the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act (1997), which provides the reporting and accountability framework. 

A set of National Library Regulations governs access to, and conduct on, Library property and access to, and use of, Library materials.

Governance of the Library is the responsibility of the Library Council.

The Director-General of the Library is Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich who was appointed on 9 February 2011. There is an organisational chart (153 kb) available.

The National Library of Australia employs some 500 staff who specialise in a wide variety of functions ranging from information management through to marketing and system development.

The Library serves the Australian people through the maintenance and development of a comprehensive reference collection and a rich collection of material related to Australians and Australia. The Library collects a wide range of research materials and includes more than nine million items ranging from traditional books and journals to more than 40,000 paintings, drawings and prints, more than 9,000 metres of manuscripts, 550,000 photographs, hundreds of thousands of maps, aerial photographs and music scores and more than 50,000 oral history recordings.

Our key challenge over the next decade is to harness the benefits of new technologies to provide the Australian community with greater access to our own extraordinary collection and the information resources of the world.

The Library recognises the important contributions its staff make towards meeting its challenges and offers a satisfying and rewarding work environment. Library staff enjoy competitive salary rates, training and development opportunities and a range of flexible employment conditions that help staff combine work and family responsibilities. Further details on our conditions of employment can be found in our Enterprise agreement.

The Annual Report provides a full corporate overview for the previous year, including details of current corporate management issues.

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