NSW Ombudsman

NSW Ombudsman

The NSW Ombudsman is an independent and impartial watchdog established by the Ombudsman Act 1974. We are the State’s Parliamentary Ombudsman. We are independent of the government of the day and accountable to the public through Parliament itself.

Our central goal is to keep government agencies and some non-government organisations accountable by promoting good administrative conduct, fair decision-making, high standards of service delivery and the protection of the rights of people in NSW.

Like many other Ombudsman around the world, our office was modelled on the Justitie-Ombudsman created in Sweden in 1809. The primary purpose of that body was to investigate complaints about government administration.

Loosely translated, the term Ombudsman means ‘the citizen’s defender’ or ‘representative of the people’.

The current Ombudsman is Bruce Barbour. He has been the Ombudsman since June 2000 and is the fifth person to hold that office.


Web Address: http://www.ombo.nsw.gov.au/

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