NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care

NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care

Ageing, Disability and Home Care is one of the largest human services organisations in NSW. They provide support and services to more than 1 million older people, people with disabilities and their carers in NSW. In 2004-05 ADHC had a total budget of $1.4 billion and employed more than 12,000 staff.

ADHC is committed to ensuring that older people, people with disabilities and their carers are valued, lead independent lives and have the opportunity to participate fully in community life.


ADHC works in partnership with a wide range of other organisations to deliver the best possible services to clients. Stakeholders include:

  • 900 non-government and local government service providers that we fund to deliver services on our behalf
  • non-government organisations
  • local, State and Commonwealth government agencies
  • peak bodies and industry groups representing older people with disabilities and their carers
  • community agencies and organisations
  • regulatory bodies

Legislation and agreements

ADHC administers the following Acts:

  • NSW Disability Services Act 1993 - which provides for the funding and provision of disability services; sets out the terms and conditions on which non-government organisations receive funding and provides for decisions made by the Minister under the Act to be reviewed by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal
  • Home Care Service Act 1988 - which established the Home Care Service of NSW, provides that the Director-General manages the service, and that it is subject to the direction and control of the Minister
  • Youth and Community Services Act 1973 - which provides for the licensing of residential centres (licensed boarding houses) for people with disabilities

The Minister for Disability Services also administers the Guardianship Act 1987 – which provides for the guardianship of people with disabilities, the appointment of guardians, the making of guardianship and financial management orders, the Guardianship Tribunal and the Public Guardian. The Guardianship Tribunal is responsible for dayto-day administration of the Act. The Tribunal is independent of the Department.

Two Commonwealth - State agreements govern most of ADHC's services and funding:

  • the Commonwealth, State and Territory Disability Agreement which in 2004–05 involved $1.052 billion. NSW contributed 82% or $864 million. The balance, 18% or $188 million, came from the Australian Government. This is a broad based agreement that sets the national framework for the delivery, funding and development of services for people with disabilities. In recent years the NSW contribution under this agreement has continued to grow as a percentage: – 2003–04 it was 78.5% – 2004–05 it was 82% – 2005–06 it is likely to be 82.5%
  • the Home and Community Care Agreement which is a joint Australian, state and territory government agreement to deliver services to frail older people, people with a disability and their carers. In 2004–05 NSW contributed 40% of the funding under this agreement or $166 million while the Australian Government contributed almost $248 million.



Web Address: http://www.adhc.nsw.gov.au

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