University of Wollongong

University of Wollongong

Today we live in a world of exponential change and diversity. A world where we're connecting faster, in more ways, with more people than ever before.

Where inclusive thinking and new world learning is driving an era of unprecedented ideas and vision.

At UOW we believe in the power of connections.

We know greatness happens when you connect great minds. When you connect cultures. Connect disciplines. Connect communities. Connect to the world. Only then can you change the way you think. Change the way problems are solved. And evolve.

UOW is and always will be about academic excellence, but knows its impact extends beyond teaching and research. It's about making use of knowledge. Being open to new thinking. Making a tangible difference. About connecting like never before.

That's why at UOW we believe in cross faculty and interdisciplinary learning. Because we know from experience that it equips our staff, our students and our academic partners with broad-minded thinking, adaptable and applicable skills and hands on experience that empowers them to be world class.

It's this commitment to 'Connection' and 'Excellence' that sets UOW apart from the rest.

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