Deaf Society

Deaf Society

The Deaf Society of New South Wales has been the leading provider of specialist services for Deaf and hard of hearing people and their families in New South Wales as well as deaf people with additional needs. Established in 1913 with over 100 years of experience.

The Deaf Society is a leader in the recruitment, training and retention of qualified and experienced staff within the deaf sector. 50% of our current staff is deaf or hard of hearing, so our staff has a lived experience which equips them with the ideal skills to work with a range of deaf and hard of hearing Participants. We have award-winning deaf-friendly work practices and culture of full inclusion at all levels of the organisation.

We are a not-for profit, bi-lingual, bi-cultural, community-centred organisation which exists to achieve equity for deaf people.  Our services include advocacy and community development, employment services, Auslan interpreting and translation, education and training, independent living skills and community services.

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