Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia

Media Access Australia (MAA) strives for accessibility and inclusion to empower people of all abilities to be independent, gain knowledge, make their own choices, and be active members of our society. MAA is Australia’s only independent not-for-profit charitable organisation dedicated to increasing access to websites, digital media and technology for people with vision, hearing and cognitive disabilities, as well as older Australians, those from non-English-speaking backgrounds, and people with varying levels of education and literacy.

In addition to the charity’s advocacy efforts, MAA’s digital access services team works with local, state and federal governments, corporations, educational institutions, and other charities to maximise engagement and inclusion for the broadest possible audience. Media Access Australia works alongside organisations to audit, review and implement optimal accessibility, conduct in-house training for best-practice digital access, and in conjunction with the University of South Australia, runs the 6-weeks online part-time Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility (PCWA) course.

Now more than ever before, the digital landscape is as vital to navigate as the physical landscape. Yet many of the people building it don’t really know what accessibility is, or how best to implement it effectively. Media Access exists to ensure that digital accessibility is given the same attention as physical accessibility.

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