Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s mission is to protect Australia’s border and manage the movement of people and goods across it. We are a global organisation with almost 15,000 people working in offices in every Australian state and territory, and in 52 locations around the globe.

The Department is responsible for immigration and customs border policy. We are the conduit through which legitimate travellers, migrants, potential citizens and goods can pass, while also protecting the Australian community from those who would do us harm.

We manage the migration programme, the humanitarian programme, Australian citizenship, trade and customs, offshore maritime security and revenue collection.

On a typical working day, the Department receives more than 10,000 phone calls, grants about 19,000 temporary and 900 permanent migrant visas and grants citizenship to more than 450 people.

Our operational enforcement arm, the Australian Boarder Force is responsible for investigations, compliance immigration detention operations, across our air and seaports and land and maritime domains. The ABF delivers on local, regional, national and international border protection, law enforcement and national security priorities.

Each day our officers in the ABF facilitate about 90,000 air passengers arriving or departing on more than 525 flights and 3500 sea crew arriving and departing on 100 ships, inspect 280 containers, 5500 air cargo consignments, 170,000 mail items and make 90 drug import seizures.

The work we do touches every part of Australian life.

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