North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council

The North Sydney Local Government Area is located on the northern side of Sydney Harbour, and covers 10 square kilometres.

It is both urban and green in character, comprising two Central Business Districts (CBDs), smaller suburban centres, residential areas, parks and open spaces.

North Sydney has a population of 70,339 people and is characterised by its attractiveness to a range of ages, especially young adults (aged 25-40) seeking employment and access to services and facilities.

North Sydney Council’s Mission is to be leading edge in serving the community of North Sydney by caring for its assets, improving its appearance and delivering services to people in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Core values are:

  • Sustainability - equity, preservation, justice and precaution.
  • Community service - efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Open government - transparency and accountability.
  • Community participation - consultation and involvement.
  • Ethical conduct - honesty and integrity.
  • Justice - fairness and equity.
  • Quality - innovation and excellence.
  • Teamwork - cooperation and respect.

North Sydney Council is committed to serving all members of the community and is excited to embark on the development of our Disability Inclusion Action Plan with the support of the Australian Network on Disability. 

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