Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority establishes and monitors the sustainable and integrated management of the water resources of the Murray–Darling Basin. This is done in a way that best meets the social, economic and environmental needs of the basin and its communities.

We work in collaboration with other Australian Government agencies, basin state governments, local governments, regional bodies, industry groups, landholders, environmental organisations, scientists, research organisations and Murray–Darling Basin communities, including Aboriginal communities, and the broader Australian community.

The MDBA’s vision is to achieve a healthy working basin through the integrated management of water resources for the long-term benefit of the Australian community. The MDBA leads the planning and management of basin water resources in collaboration with partner governments and the community.

The MDBA adheres to the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct, meaning we are apolitical, impartial, professional, accountable, respectful, careful and diligent.

It values and supports collaboration and have shown this by working closely with communities, governments and industries. The MDBA has continued to work with the Basin states (which includes the Australian Capital Territory), the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office, other Australian Government agencies and basin communities to implement the Basin Plan. We continue to make changes to our strategies and frameworks based on feedback we receive.

The primary roles of the MDBA include:

  • preparing, implementing and reviewing an integrated plan for the sustainable use of the basin's water resources
  • operating the River Murray system and efficiently delivering water to users on behalf of partner governments
  • measuring, monitoring and recording the quality and quantity of the basin's water resources and the condition of associated rivers, wetlands and floodplains
  • supporting, encouraging and conducting research and investigations about the basin's water resources and dependent ecosystems
  • disseminating information about the basin's water resources and dependent ecosystems
  • engaging and educating the Australian community about the basin's water resources.

The Water Act 2007 establishes the MDBA as a statutory authority. The Act also sets out the role of the MDBA in developing a Basin Plan and performing functions under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement 2008, in particular the management of River Murray Operations.

In addition to our functions under the Water Act, the MDBA has functions under the Murray–Darling Basin Agreement, which forms Schedule 1 to the Act. These include giving effect to decisions of the Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council and the Basin Officials Committee in relation to the basin governments' joint programs.

The MDBA delivers its functions under the Agreement in conjunction with and on behalf of the contracting governments — the Australian Government and the governments of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

We continue to support equity and diversity within the workplace through a range of key strategy and action documents implemented during 2015–16 namely: the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Program 2016–20, the Indigenous Employment Strategy 2015–20, and the Disability Action Plan 2015–20.

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