ACT Human Rights Commission

ACT Human Rights Commission

The ACT Human Rights Commission promotes the human rights and welfare of all people living in the ACT. The Commission is an independent statutory body established by the Human Rights Commission Act 2005.

The role of the Commission is to:

  • independently handle complaints in relation to a range of services, including disability and community services, and under discrimination law
  • promote understanding of human rights and the welfare of all people in the ACT
  • encourage service improvement and increase awareness of the rights and responsibilities of service users and providers
  • provide advice to government and others regarding their human rights obligations
  • provide advocacy for children, young people and adults experiencing vulnerability
  • advocate for the interests of victims of crime.

The Commission has recently expanded to include a number of additional responsibilities.

It now includes four members:

  • President and Human Rights Commissioner
  • Discrimination, Health Services, Disability and Community Services Commissioner
  • Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner and
  • Victims of Crime Commissioner.
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