VIC Department of Justice & Regulation

VIC Department of Justice & Regulation

The Department of Justice & Regulation (DJR) is a Victorian Government department responsible for the oversight and delivery of justice services in Victoria (excluding police and court services).

DJR employs approximately 6000 staff and delivers services right across the state. Our responsibilities extend to areas including consumer protection and trader regulation, oversight of emergency services, civil and criminal justice policy, the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and compliance areas including infringement management. In addition, through Corrections Victoria, DJR administers the Victorian Prison System including Community Based Corrections as well as maintaining a regional structure to ensure that the entire state has access to our areas of service.

The department’s Disability Action Plan (DAP) reflects DJR’s responsibility to ensure that all Victorians have access to justice. The DAP includes goals aimed at enhancing opportunities for employment for people living with disability, protecting their rights and promoting participation, ensuring that all Victorians including people with disability have access to justice information and services and ensuring responsive justice systems.

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