Enabled Employment

Enabled Employment

Enabled Employment is a commercial private entity which provides a freelance recruitment hub with a fee for service model. We partner with businesses to provide your strategic resource partner for 'enabling inclusion and empowering diversity in the workforce.'

We are a company that primarily exists to provide clients with the services of people who can increase their diversity. Our candidates include people with a disability, their carers; service personnel including those from the Australian Defence Force, Federal Police Force and their immediate family; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Senior Australians.

By promoting this predominantly untapped talent pool into flexible and accessible employment, employers benefit from their valuable skills, which include traits such as resilience, lateral thinking, leadership and followership ability, loyalty and diligence. This provides companies with highly skilled, committed and reliable candidates.

Our virtual platform offers a national profile, with flat rates and no hidden fees where we can manage the entire recruitment process for you or you can manage it yourself if you prefer. All pricing information is available on our website.

Web Address: http://www.enabledemployment.com

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