Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

At Murdoch Children's Research Institutee (MCRI), we believe there is always an answer, a cure or a better treatment for every childhood condition – and we’re determined to find it.

Our team of more than 1500 intrepid researchers work across 70 research areas to tackle the biggest health issues facing children. These include allergy, obesity, mental health, cancer and rare genetic disorders. We focus on early intervention and prevention so every child has the opportunity for a brighter future.

MCRI is home to some of the most significant scientific discoveries affecting children. Now, we’re transforming our research into reality, including life-saving vaccines, treatments and digital health solutions for the wider community.

We lead the way in stem cell research and DNA sequencing, which promises to give children more answers than ever before. Our world-class global and population health researchers work on the ground and in the field, ensuring our research touches those who need it most.

Many of our talented researchers are also clinicians at the Royal Children’s Hospital and academics at the University of Melbourne. The questions we ask in our research come directly from problems we see children face every day. The fact our researchers’ have multiple appointments across the Melbourne Children’s Campus is one of the truly unique aspects of MCRI.

Together, we share a powerful vision – to re-imagine the future of child health.

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