Scope Global

Scope Global

Scope Global delivers international development and education programs and services that benefit Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

We consider ourselves to be agents of change. We work with diverse clients and program participants across more than 50 countries to facilitate inclusive education, training and research opportunities. We partner with governments and communities to improve people’s lives. View a selection of the programs we manage

Scope Global is recognised as a global leader in disability inclusive development. We have received international recognition for our work in creating the world’s first inclusive international volunteering model for people with disabilities from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2018 we established our Disability Inclusion Practice to enable us to amplify our work alongside people with disabilities and their member organisations. Through the Disability Inclusion Practice, we work with businesses, governments and individuals to reduce societal barriers experienced by people with disabilities and enhance participation for all.

Across everything we do, we’re driven by our purpose to enable all people to positively change their world.

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