AUSTRAC is Australia's financial intelligence agency with regulatory responsibility for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. We identify threats and criminal abuse of the financial system, and act to protect Australia's economy. We also work in partnership with industry and government agencies in Australia and overseas to help keep Australia safe from financial and other serious crime build and maintain trust in Australia's financial system as part of the global community.


AUSTRAC’s vision is a financial system free from criminal abuse. We will realise this vision by detecting, deterring and disrupting money laundering and terrorism financing risks and threats that affect Australia’s financial system and, thereby contributing to the growth of Australia’s economy.


Detecting and monitoring existing and emerging money laundering and terrorism financing threats as an integral part of a domestic and international information exchange network. 


Using our financial intelligence capability, information and intelligence products to provide ongoing value to domestic and international partner agencies, taskforces and industry. 


Protecting revenue, supporting the prevention and disruption of money laundering and terrorism financing, and influencing policy and law reform.

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