MLC Life Insurance

MLC Life Insurance

MLC Life Insurance is a specialised life insurance business, operated by MLC Limited. Nippon Life Insurance holds a majority 80% of the shares in MLC Limited. The Australian-led and managed business aims to leverage Nippon Life’s global presence, built over 131 years, alongside MLC Life Insurance’s significant experience in understanding and meeting the life insurance needs of everyday Australians since 1886.

As a life insurer, we play an important role in supporting our customers often through the most difficult time in their lives. Our claims philosophy is to do all we can to help our customers recover from injury and illness, so they can get back to health, work and everyday activities. We do this through our team of claims assessors and allied health professionals who have the right skills to support each customer.

MLC Life Insurance is also committed to providing an inclusive and accessible workplace. We aim to provide a work environment in which all employees can thrive by providing reasonable workplace adjustments and additional services that can aid an employee’s recovery from injury or illness and improve the workplace for those living with a disability.

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