Department of Communications and the Arts

Department of Communications and the Arts

We create an environment in which all Australians have access to high quality communications services and diverse artistic and cultural experiences.

We promote economic growth and social benefits by helping all Australians realise the opportunities of digital technologies and communications services.

We foster a vibrant and diverse Australian culture. We promote access to, and participation in, a wide range of cultural and artistic endeavours for all Australians.

Our vision for diversity and inclusion

To be an inclusive employer, we acknowledge the different characteristics each person has, and appreciate and value these as qualities that can enhance productivity and capability.

What we do

Through our work and the work of our portfolio agencies, we:

  • Support the National Arts and Disability Strategy which sets out a vision for improving access and participation in artistic and cultural activities for people with disabilities
  • Negotiated and ratified the Marrakesh Treaty and prepared legislation that makes it easier for people with disabilities to access copyright material
  • Manage legislation that requires broadcasters to provide captioning on free-to-air and subscription television to assist viewers who are deaf or hearing impaired
  • Manage policy and contracts for the National Relay Service
  • Formed the Audio Description Working Group with relevant disability and industry stakeholders to discuss options to increase the availability of audio description in Australia.

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