Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

PM&C has unique responsibilities and a privileged role.  Our principal function is to provide high‑quality  policy advice to the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on matters that are at the  forefront of public and government administration, including domestic and  international affairs and, in particular, the implications of proposals for Commonwealth-State relations.  By looking over the horizon to the challenges  and opportunities of the coming years, our high‑level strategic advice further supports  the government in taking all relevant factors into account to make the best  possible decisions. 

The Department briefs the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, the  Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Social Inclusion, and consults  extensively across the Australian Public Service (APS) to ensure that the  advice provided draws on the most appropriate sources.

In line with the Prime Minister’s expectations, PM&C is also  assuming a stronger role in driving policy development and innovation and ensuring  delivery of high‑priority initiatives across the APS, in pursuit of the  government’s objectives.

In addition to its work in policy advice, innovation, coordination and  implementation, it is the role of the Department:

  • to ensure that policy  proposals put to the Prime Minister, other ministers in the portfolio, and to  Cabinet are developed in a coherent, informed and coordinated fashion.
  • where appropriate, to  coordinate and monitor implementation and delivery of Government decisions,  policies and priorities, recognising that ministers are responsible  individually for the administration of their departments and collectively for  matters decided by Cabinet.
  • to support the Prime Minister  and the Government to manage the business of government in an efficient,  effective and coordinated manner.
  • to provide administrative  support to the Prime  Minister, the Cabinet Secretary, the Cabinet and its  committees.
  • to coordinate and facilitate government  administration, intergovernmental relations and communications with State and  Territory Governments.

Further administrative and support services include:

  • advice on government and  parliamentary policy matters such as Cabinet processes, accountability and the  management of the public service;
  • development and coordination  of the Government’s legislative program,
  • assistance to the Leader of  the House and the Manager of Government Business in the Senate in programming  government business in Parliament,
  • a secretariat to the Executive  Council;
  • coordination and arrangements  for government hospitality and official ceremonial occasions;
  • advice on the maintenance and  restoration of official residences; and
  • support for the Prime Minister and her family.
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