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Westpac Group is committed to building an accessible and inclusive company for the long term, one that increases the participation of people with disability in Australian employment and business.

Our vision for accessibility is to provide a supportive culture and create an inclusive workplace which helps us more closely reflect the needs of our employees, and the customers and communities we serve every day. It’s about connecting with their financial aspirations, so they can prosper and grow.

Producing Accessibility Action Plans allows us to keep driving positive change. To ensure that our 2013 Accessibility Action Plan represents the views of people with disability, we sought feedback from a wide range of stakeholders on how we could continue making a positive difference. Our employees had their say in our 2012 bi-annual Diversity & Flexibility Survey. Engaging key community stakeholders during the development of this Accessibility Action Plan has given us valuable insights into the needs of people with disability.

Guided by our four strategic accessibility themes of Universal Design, Integrated Diversity, Shared Voices and Empathetic Action, through our 2013 Accessibility Action Plan we continue to work on making a positive difference for people with disability.

The areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact for our workforce, customers and community by improving accessibility are:

  1. Employment, training and career development: Creating an inclusive workplace culture that truly embeds accessibility and ensures that our people leaders are committed and equipped to creating fulfilling careers for all team members, resulting in the highest number of employees in corporate Australia disclosing they have a disability. 
  2. Financial independence: Growing the financial independence and knowledge of people with disability by offering training, education and services that meet their needs. 
  3. Embedded accessibility in banking products and services: Enhancing the accessibility of banking channels so all customers have a consistent and outstanding experience whenever and however they bank with us.
  4. Accessible communities: Sharing our experience in making accessibility a priority with other Australian organisations by joining with community and business partners to increase employment and development opportunities for people with disability in the community.
  5. Accessible communications: Creating opportunities to positively represent disability in the design and creation of our customer communications and product materials.
Web Address: http://www.westpac.com.au/accessibility

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