NSW Department of Education and Communities

NSW Department of Education and Communities

The Department of Education and Communities serves the NSW community by providing world-class education and training and supporting vibrant and inclusive communities.

We provide services to the citizens of NSW from early childhood through to adulthood. We protect young children by regulating preschool and long day care providers. Once children move into school, we provide them with primary and secondary education. As our students grow to adulthood, we support their transition into vocational training and higher education.

We operate some of the state’s major urban stadiums and events centres and support a healthy and active community involved in recreation and sport. We make it easier for people to be involved in their communities, work to advance the wellbeing of Aboriginal people, promote the interests of children and young people and harness the strong desire of people to improve and contribute to their local neighbourhoods through volunteering.

The Department is the largest single organisation, public or private, in Australia. With a recurrent budget of $14.2 billion, the Department is responsible for around one quarter of the State's total budget.

Around 740,000 students are taught by over 60,000 full time teachers in more than 2,200 NSW Government schools - including pre-schools, primary schools, central schools, high schools, colleges and specialist schools.

The Department has a strong focus on creating a workplace that is fair and inclusive and building a workforce which reflects the diversity of our students, parents and the NSW community. Improving employment and participation of under-represented groups including people with disability in our workforce is a priority.

Find out more about the Department, including employment conditions, by visiting the website at www.det.nsw.edu.au and www.det.nsw.edu.au/jobs

Web Address: http://www.det.nsw.edu.au/

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