Reasonable adjustments take Lyn to the top of the class

Wed 4 November 2015

Despite being a Paralympic gold medalist and a successful professional cyclist, Lyn Lepore once thought her vision impairment meant that a university education was out of the question.

But fifteen years after winning gold in the women’s tandem cycling event at the Sydney Paralympics, Ms Lepore is soon to graduate from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.

As well as excelling in her written examinations, Ms Lepore has also topped her anatomy exams, where she was required to identify body parts by touch. Last year, she was awarded the Practicum Award, which is given to the student who receives the highest marks in their practical placement.

In addition to her hard work and dedication, Ms Lepore credits her success in her studies to the support offered to her by ECU staff.

“I have an assistant who comes to classes with me to help out with taking notes and explain things I can’t see,” she said.

Lyn said there were some simple adjustments made by the university to make the course more accessible.

“Some of my tutors were a bit nervous about having a blind student I think, but once they realised they don’t have to change the way they teach much at all it wasn’t a problem,” she said.

“The main thing they do to help me is to describe and visualise data, like a picture or graph, rather than just pointing to it on a screen or projector.

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