Australia Post Success Story

Wed 26 June 2013

Brent Tuohy, a driver and sorter at Australia Post, is breaking the stereotype of people with disability.

Despite being profoundly deaf, Brent was voted by his colleagues as Deputy Health and Safety Representative in 2011. In this role, Brent assisted the health and safety representative to perform site inspections and fire safety checklists. He advised of hazards, and  helped develop safety initiatives and solutions to make the workplace safer.

Brent says the safety representative role is important to him, as he likes to think he plays a part in reducing injuries. “I think it is important that people understand that people with a hearing disability can do anything like hearing people,” he says. “This technology not only enables me to do my job, but I’m also able to break any preconceived ideas about what people with a disability can do.

Brent Tuohey

Technology has been a highly beneficial tool in enhancing access and inclusion. Brent was provided with a new laptop fully funded by JobAccess. He also uses skype to access his Auslan interpreter remotely, to improve the two-way discussion at safety meetings.

“Australia Post provided tremendous support," Brent says. "This – among other reasons – is why I think it is a great place to work for people with disabilities.”

Australia Post launched its Accessibility Action Plan in December 2012 as a commitment to taking a lead role in improving accessibility and establishing an inclusive work environment.

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