Cummins success story

Wed 26 June 2013

Our member Cummins South Pacific is part of Cummins Inc - the world's largest designer and manufacturer of diesel engines.

Robert Woodward began his career at Cummins Newcastle as a first-year mechanical apprentice in 2012. He is 29 and has profound deafness.

When NSW regional apprentice master, Raman Badekar, was going through the applications for apprenticeships, he came across Robert's resume and a cover letter that was very impressive. It showed that Robert had good skills and about 10 years of experience in building and metal fabrication. Robert had also been a supervisor for hearing impaired employees.

Robert is originally from Western Australia and had relocated to Newcastle in 2008 to be closer to his wife's parents. Robert's interest in trucks and his search for a stable career path attracted him to Cummins South Pacific.

Robert Woodward

Once he was chosen from the selection process, Robert undertook a one-week work trial at the Newcastle branch where he worked under supervision of a different technician each day. His colleagues appreciated his confidence and humour. After his work experience, Robert and the selection team were confident about his aptitude for the trade. Robert was placed as a mechanical apprentice, which advanced him towards achieving his dream. He was featured in the company's quarterly magazine, Cummins Commentary, in December 2012.

Cummins received a nomination for the Deaf Australia (NSW) Employer of the Year Award in the 'Fair Go' category.

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