Reaping the Benefits: Benbro

Thu 1 January 2015

Benbro Electronics, an engineering based electronic equipment design and manufacturing company, recognises and actively promotes the benefits of including people with disability in their workforce.

Director Steve Bennett OAM attributes much of the business's success to their employment policies:

"Our father had a disability after being injured during military service. When he came out of service, he had difficulty finding a civilian job due to his disability. So when we started our own business, we decided to give people with disability a go. Our adage is there's only one question that's important and that's "Can they do the job?". Currently 30% of our employees have some type of disability.

"People sometimes think that employees with disability are doing menial tasks, but they forget there are people with disability that have run countries – like Roosevelt and Churchill.

"We have employees with various disabilities in a range of highly skilled roles, like electrical engineers, as well as in less skilled roles. As a result of our policies we have a loyal and committed workforce with high morale and productivity". 
Steve Bennett OAM, Director, Benbro Electronics

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Benbro staff

Benbro Snapshot

Profitable: Successful manufacturing business in operation for 29 years

Innovative: Design & manufacture of mission critical electronic equipment

Safe: Zero days lost due to accident or injury, zero workers comp claims

Almost no recruitment costs over the past 20 years
Average length of service almost 10 years
Highly engaged, productive and motivated employees
Low absenteeism

Multiple award winning:
Work & Family Awards
Prime Minister's Employer of the Year Awards - Hall of Fame

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