Better employment support services for Australians with disability

Thu 1 November 2012

Australians with a disability will now have access to a higher standard of employment support services in more locations across Australia, following the Australian Government’s tender for Disability Employment Services.

Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis said the Government is expanding the number of high performing quality service providers as well as expanding the locations of services across Australia following the completion of the first full competitive tender for Disability Employment Services - Employment Support Service.

“The Gillard Government is committed to making big reform in the disabilities sector because we want to improve the care, services and support that is provided for Australians with a disability,” Minister Ellis said.

“Our Government’s historic decision to uncap Disability Employment Services has meant that more people with disability than ever before are receiving assistance to help them to find and keep a job.

“We want to make sure our disability services offer the best possible results for people with a disability and that providers are getting Australians good jobs, and helping them keep them.”

The new Australian Government tender for Disability Employment Services - Employment Support Service includes:

• Expanded services to more locations than ever before, with the number of sites increasing by almost 50% from 1,145 to 1,654. • Expanded services delivered by providers who have achieved top rating of four and five-star to 26 providers. • Greater choice, better services and options for job seekers with disability, in more locations than ever before.

For more information, see the Ministerial media release.


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