Epic Assist's DCR Journey

Wed 21 September 2016

In April 2016, Gold Member EPIC Assist became the first not-for-profit organisation in Australia to achieve Disability Confident Recruiter Status. EPIC Assist's CEO Bill Gamack said that participating in the program has made the organisation a better disability employment provider.

"Disability Confident Recruiter is an incredibly worthwhile program for all EPIC employees to have done. Completion of this program is an outward demonstration of EPIC’s commitment of walking the talk. The program has also enabled us to be a better disability employment provider."

EPIC Assist seeks to be seen in the marketplace as an organisation that ‘walks the talk’ in terms of access and inclusion and employment. EPIC Assist engages with a range of organisations and employers, and wanted to demonstrate their commitment. EPIC Assist encourages these organisations to be disability confident and feels that they now have validity to do this.

Additionally, EPIC Assist considers themselves to be an innovative organisation that are continually striving to be at the forefront of the industry, and saw DCR as a key step in achieving this.

Since undertaking the DCR program, all position descriptions within EPIC Assist have been updated and are now accessible and inclusive. As are all of EPIC Assist's job advertisements, which now also include welcoming messaging, focusing on the inherent requirements of the job.

Management now communicates more broadly with staff around disability, accessibility and inclusivity. Through EPIC Assist's intranet, they provide regular information and updates to all staff to ensure their knowledge of disability and accessibility remains current. EPIC Assist commented that the program had reminded them not to make assumptions about a person’s disability or adjustments, but to ask the person instead.

Completing DCR has reaffirmed EPIC Assist's mission as a disability service provider. Being a Disability Confident Recruiter coincides with EPIC Assist’s goals to employ more people with disability, and to provide the best service to their clients.

EPIC Assist commented that the program served as a timely reminder to all staff, including executives, to keep access and inclusion, employment opportunities for people with disability at the forefront of everything they do.

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