US advocate Heather Griffith visits Australia to discuss disability and business

Thu 16 March 2017

Emily Sparling, heather Griffith, Suzanne Colbert, Stephanie Littlewood, and Joe Wasaruj in the AND office

Today, Heather Griffith, disability advocate and Chair of the Fort Worth Mayor’s Committee on Persons with Disabilities visited the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to discuss disability and business in Australia and the United States (US).

Ms Griffith is interested in exploring connections between US and Australian disability rights movements. She is being supported by the US government to develop a closer professional and cultural relationship with disability organisations worldwide.

Ms Griffith spoke to Chief Executive Suzanne Colbert AM as well as staff from our program and training teams. They discussed how AND builds disability confidence in the Australian workforce. Connecting people with disability to business was a key theme and she was very interested in Stepping Into, PACE Mentoring, and our High Growth Jobs Talented Candidates (HGJTC) project.

To help Ms Griffith to make the most of her trip to Australia, AND has facilitated connections with People with Disability Australia (PWDA), a national disability rights and advocacy organisation, and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). She hopes to find out more about how to best evaluate and understand the needs of people with disability, to be able to develop effective supports and solutions.

As part of her trip to Australia, Ms Griffith will meet with the US embassy in Canberra and Assistant Minister Jane Prentice next week.

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