2017 Churchill Fellow seeks to improve disability employment

Thu 5 October 2017

Ebru Sumaktas profile picture

What does a successful program for the employment of people with disability look like? Ebru Sumaktas, proud recipient of a 2017 Churchill Fellowship, is set to find out.

Through the Fellowship, Ebru will explore replicable, marketable, scalable employment programs from the UK, USA and Germany that have successfully provided ongoing employment for people with disability.

“I hope I do the subject justice and bring back great learnings for Australia,” said Ebru.

Fellowships are awarded annually by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and offer people the opportunity to travel overseas to gain new knowledge and insights they can bring back to Australia to positively impact our communities and society at large.

“This award is for anyone who feels they have exhausted alternatives within Australia and would like to see what other countries are doing successfully in a similar space to inspire new ideas, innovation, and excellence,” said CEO Adam Davey.

Ebru is from NSW Family and Community Services (FACS), AND Gold Member. We wish Ebru all the best with her project and look forward to sharing her findings.

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