Why get involved in PACE Mentoring?

Mon 23 October 2017

In this, the second video in our series about connecting people with disability to business, we caught up with past mentees from our Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE) Mentoring program.

Meet Akshay Vallikkattil, Anupriya Sharma, Yvonne Young, Barath Kumar, and Nelson Tang.  They discuss the program and how it has supported them to build their skills and confidence.    

“Tara gave me skills to overcome barriers, and to find out the strengths that I have, and to show my future employer what I'm capable of, even though I still have a disability,” says Akshay.

When asked if he’d recommend the program to others he said, “Definitely do it. It's worthwhile, it's a good investment in yourself, because you really get, you know... a bridge between university, what you learn, and the workforce.”

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