24 Hours of Free Access and Inclusion Webinars

Wed 15 November 2017

Woman smiling, sitting with her legs out on a lounge and a laptop on her lap

Everyone can get involved in Inclusive Design 24. It’s a live stream of 24 free one-hour webinars on all things accessibility, and it’s happening on November 16.

A celebration of worldwide efforts to ensure people with disability have full and equal access to the web, Inclusive Design 24 is a free online community event. Organised by The Paciello Group, and supported by Barclays and Australian Network on Disability Bronze Member, Centre for Inclusive Design, all sessions will be streamed live and publicly on YouTube – no sign-up or registration required.

The sessions range from beginner to advanced and are aimed at everyone from executives to web developers. Here’s a roundup of some of the not-so-techy sessions that will have us tuning in:

Accessibility inception: sharing your knowledge

Learn useful strategies for embedding accessibility and usability into your broader team and organisation.

Usability useful for everyone

See real examples of problems and possible solutions to improve your websites and services for everyone, even if they aren’t required under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

From accessibility compliance to inclusive design

Discover how Barclays is reframing accessibility, changing their compliance-driven culture and moving towards inclusive design and experiences for all.

Connecting communities for inclusion

Find out how you can use social media to connect people on accessibility topics, create communities and generate wider awareness of the importance and benefits of accessibility.

Sounding out the web: accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people

Learn practical guidance on how to implement subtitles and captions, make sure audio doesn’t auto-play, and structure your content, to ensure people who are deaf or hard of hearing aren’t overlooked.

Visit the Inclusive Design 24 website for a complete list of webinar topics and session details.

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