AND Members Collaborate to Improve Banking for Customers with Disability

Tue 28 November 2017

Hand holds an ANZ Visa debit card, ready to insert it into an ATM

Australian Network on Disability (AND) Gold Member, ANZ has collaborated with Bronze Member, Vision Australia to expand accessibility features across its range of Visa debit and commercial credit cards.

The new features were tested by people with different levels of vision impairment in focus groups run by the organisations before the cards were developed.

“We’re pleased to work with any banking institution that would like to improve the experience of customers who are blind or have low vision,” said Vision Australia General Manager Advocacy and Engagement Karen Knight.

“Banking is such an essential part of daily life but despite the rapid developments in technology, it hasn’t always made for accessible banking products and services. We believe the only way this can be achieved is through constant consultation and a permanent forum for discussions to take place between the banks and the disability and accessibility sectors.”

Designed to make everyday banking easier for customers with disability, all ANZ’s 3.4 million Visa debit cards will now have tactile indicators, larger fonts and high visibility leading edges. The changes are intended to help customers easily identify their cards and the way they insert them into ATM and EFTPOS terminals.

Millions of customers across Australia and New Zealand stand to benefit from the new accessibility features, including people with vision impairment, reading difficulties and age-related disabilities.

Commenting on the rollout, ANZ Senior Manager Everyday Banking Steve Price said: “We know that one in five Australians lives with a disability of some sort, so it’s really important we develop products all our customers can use conveniently.

“We have a commitment to inclusive design and accessibility standards in all aspects of our product development, so the extension of these features to a further 3.4 million cards is a significant part of delivering on that.”

ANZ has been a member of AND for over 10 years, and was the first Australian bank to add accessible features to its ANZ EFTPOS cards in late 2016. Find out more about ANZ’s ongoing commitment to disability inclusion.

Visit ANZ’s website for more information about ANZ accessible banking.

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