Students describe Stepping Into internships

Tue 23 January 2018

In this, the third video in our series about connecting people with disability to business, we caught up with past interns from our Stepping Into internships program.

Meet Jeremy, Elsher, Georga, Chris, and Job who interned at member organisations, PwC, The University of Sydney, NSW Department of Family and Community Services and Telstra. They discuss how the program supported them to gain vital work experience while they study.

Chris reflects on his time at Telstra positively. He feels that the organisation put him in a position where he felt completely equal and wasn’t defined by his disability but on how he contributed to the team.

“My internship has made a big difference. I’m happy to walk into a room and not feel like I am being judged straight off. It has helped me be comfortable to just be myself. It is humbling and liberating,” said Chris.

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