MAX Solutions named Disability Confident Recruiter

Tue 17 April 2018

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Image: MAX Solutions' recruitment team. 


Australian Network on Disability Silver Member, MAX Solutions has achieved the title of Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR).

MAX Solutions is a national organisation that delivers employment, health and training services. MAX is the first provider of both jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES) and the only Registered Training Organisation in Australia to achieve DCR status.

Managing Director Deborah Homewood said she was delighted with the achievement. 

“As a business, we are dedicated to our vision: Every Person. Every Chance. Everyone has the right to equity and equal opportunity, and we’re proud to offer equal opportunity in our own organisation and enjoy the benefits of a diverse workforce.”

The DCR program helps organisations identify unintended barriers to inclusive recruitment. It’s designed to build an organisation’s confidence and capability to attract and support skilled candidates with disability.

With strong support from MAX’s leadership team, the DCR program was considered a major project. It had touchpoints across the entire business of over 2,000 employees and 250 metropolitan and regional sites. The challenge for Pete Southam, National Talent Acquisition Manager, was pulling it all together. He said:

“Relying on a vast number of employees to complete checks and deliver, took some time. It required a lot of collaboration. We’re an extremely busy, fast-paced company, so it was challenging to get it onto people’s already heavy priority lists.”

According to Mr Southam, a particularly useful strategy was to create a “coalition of the willing” – a project team invested in and accountable for project outcomes. This, together with internal leadership support and guidance from the Australian Network on Disability, was the winning formula for MAX’s achievement.

“It was always a priority for MAX to set the standard for disability confidence and inclusion. Everyone in the company clearly understands and is passionate about the business we’re in and why this has to be important. The DCR program gave us the final push and guidance we needed.”

As a direct result of completing the DCR program, MAX has revamped their job advertisements, updated their interview guides and changed the way they write position descriptions. They’ve improved accessibility of their website in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 and assessed every one of their 250 premises against a comprehensive dignified access checklist.

And, it won’t stop there. As an organisation that works with employers on a daily basis to find new opportunities for people with disability, MAX’s commitment is ongoing. Proud of their achievement, Mr Southam is keen to drive disability confidence and inclusion even further.

“There’s still a fair bit of work to do before we’re really walking the talk. We want to hire more people with disability. We want everyone to know that we’re a diverse and inclusive workplace and what we’re interested in is people’s ability to do the job. DCR is a ticket to the dance. It’s what you do when you get there that counts.”

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