PWDA Economic Activation E-Hub

Wed 6 June 2018

Pilot Program – Information for employers

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) is a national disability rights and advocacy organisation, with a membership made up of many thousands of Australians with disability. Active since 1981, PWDA has a cross-disability focus and seeks to represent the interests of all people with disability.

PWDA is currently developing an online careers access hub specifically for people with disability (the ‘PWDA E-Hub’). They're seeking to engage employers that are committed to inclusive recruitment practices in their Economic Activation E-Hub Pilot Program, to help shape the future direction of the E-Hub.

For this pilot program, a small group of selected employers will be invited to provide feedback on the functionality of the site. They’ll have the opportunity to be among the first employers to advertise their available roles on the E-Hub once it's live (ETA late Aug 2018). These roles will then be promoted to PWDA’s member base and through wider disability-related channels, reaching thousands of potential candidates with disability.

All feedback will be sought by email and/or phone - there will be no face-to-face group sessions or meetings.

There's no cost involved for employers to participate in the pilot program. Employers that take part will be offered ongoing discounts to post job advertisements once the site is fully operational.

Employers involved in the pilot program will be asked to:

  • Review information sent from PWDA and provide feedback (by email and/or phone) promptly.
  • Test the job uploading function of the site and provide feedback.
  • Commit to posting a minimum of three (3) job advertisements on the E-Hub in the month after it goes live (estimated go-live date late August 2018).
  • Guarantee an interview to any applicant with disability who's suitably qualified and meets the selection criteria for the position.


  • By 30 June 2018– commit to participating in PWDA E-Hub pilot program
  • July – August 2018 – review and provide feedback on available resources and functionality of the site (by email and/or phone)
  • By 30 September 2018 (approx.) – post a minimum of three (3) job advertisements on the E-Hub (at no cost to employer).

If you'd like to participate in the PWDA E-Hub Pilot Program, please contact Project Manager Rachel McDougall or phone 0401 694 301.

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