ACT creates new partnership to promote employment

Thu 12 July 2018

Download the Inclusion in Employment Project video transcript (Word, 22 KB)

A new project has been created to expand employment opportunities for people with disability in Canberra’s private sector.

The Inclusion in Employment Project was formed by the Canberra Business Chamber, ACT Inclusion Council and ACT Government. It aims to demonstrate to private sector businesses the many positive outcomes of employing people with disability.

In a video introducing the project, Canberra businesses that have employed people with disability talk about the benefits they’ve experienced and why they’d encourage others to do the same. Samantha Kourtis, owner of Capital Chemist Charnwood said:

‘From a workplace perspective, my team needs to represent the community we look after. And we don’t just look after middle-aged, healthy, able-bodied people, we look after everybody. And a large portion of our population does have disability.’

Canberra businesses are invited to attend a free information session to learn about the many services and support structures in place for businesses that hire a person with disability. Find out more about this event and other useful tips from the Canberra Business Chamber website.

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